Installation, Saudade

One month at Obras Residency, Evora Monte – Portugal

« Flora Buberle (Switzerland) was educated as an artist and is now studying architecture. She attempts to find synergism between the two disciplines and deeply disagrees with architects who see art as an ornament that can be added once the architectural object is ready.  At OBRAS she experimented with marble chips: she covered a wooden chair with it or let them seem to float in the air. Dried flowers were another material she used: fixed in a veil or glued on old postcards, or as a wig on a head.
And something completely different : we have two cats. One is disabled due to an accident : he misses an eye and an ear. Flora was so kind to make an artificial ear for this poor cat. » – Ludger van der Eerden, Foundation Obras Portugal (Summer 2015)

Sculptures / installations



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