FLORA BUBERLE (1982) – info⌈at⌋ Artist and architect. Living and working in Geneva. Graduated in Visual Arts at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD) and in Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland – (HEPIA). E D U C A […]


One month at Obras Residency, Evora Monte – Portugal « Flora Buberle (Switzerland) was educated as an artist and is now studying architecture. She attempts to find synergism between the two disciplines and deeply disagrees with architects who see art as an ornament that can be […]


/skwar/ is a kind of pocket lexikon of existing squares typologies. Path in the dwelling places depends of different elements : shapes of the building (closed/opened) and chaotic/ordered landscaping; but also other subjective aspects : seasons, light, moment of the day, acoustics and so on. […]

Bohemian Rhapsody

Project for a temporary artistic installation for a large department store in Geneva. The competition was run by Christian Robert-Tissot, from Labo Alpes, a research lab on art in public spaces. Selected for the first round in June 2014. Jury examiners : Valérie Mavridorakis, historian […]

Les Sentinelles de Saint-Louis

Installation at Saint-Louis Les Aygalades train station in  Marseille, as part of the Ruedi Baur Masterclass, Civic City project carried out by Marseille Provence 2013 – European Capital of Culture Smelly Dog Films Production As guards of the temple of Saint-Louis, women went out from […]

Les Chats Méchants VS Damien Mitchell

Exhibition and performing show at La Vitrine, Geneva (curatoring) Street art by Damien Mitchell (CZ/AUS) and design tees by Les Chats Méchants (CH) Djing by The Genevan Heathen (Villa Magica) and WTF (Toast Terry) Vjing by Alix Martin (pictures by Dorothée Thébert)  

Absolut Crap

Serie of drawings, 14.8×18 cm, ink on paper I am walking in the street, looking for a wifi hotspot. Who are these people offering – or not – their internet access? Through Absolut Crap, I imagined their faces and fantasize about their life. Localisation : […]